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All you need to know about travelling to Papua and West Papua.
This is a collection of useful travel information and travel stories.

by Marc Weiglein & friends
showing a tent in the highlands of Papua

When to go to Papua

What's the best time to travel

asmat camp with travel luggage

Before going to Papua

What to bring, what to prepare

propeller plane flying over lake sentani in Papua

How to get to Papua

About Airlines and airports

When to go to Raja Ampat

What's the best time for paradise

Papua, West Papua, PNG...

Brief explanation of the terminologies

How to get to Raja Ampat

The adventure before the adventure

The Baliem Valley

Home of the Dani tribe: A Brief Introduction

The Korowai tribe

The treehouse nomads of Papua: a brief introduction

colonial map new guinea

The discovery of Papua

About colonists and adventurers

portrait of tribal warrior with feather wig and tusk nose piercing

The Photo Gallery

Impressions from New Guinea

What to read

... before going to Papua

backpacker walking in grass field with river

Backpacking in Papua

Tips for independent travellers

Papua in figures

A random mix of interesting facts

The Baliem Valley Resort

How it began and what makes it so special

Come back again

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