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Our journey began in 1979 when Dr. Werner Weiglein first visited Papua. In the following years, he traveled frequently through Papua, initially alone, but gradually began leading tours for tourists. He quickly became a leading expert in traveling to the most remote parts of New Guinea.

In 1997, after years of traveling and leading expeditions in New Guinea, Werner was offered an extraordinary opportunity: the Dani people of the Baliem Valley extended a rare invitation to purchase land in their territory, a privilege rarely granted to outsiders. Indonesian President Suharto approved the project and The Baliem Valley Resort was born. Our eco-friendly resort in the highlands of Baliem Valley opened in late 1999 and has since attracted travelers and adventurers from around the world.

A few years after joining the company, Marc Weiglein deepened the focus on Papua by establishing Papua Explorer and relocating the company’s office to Papua. Based in Jayapura, Papua Explorer is the first and only foreign-owned travel agency and tour operator in Papua and an official member of the Association of Indonesian Tours & Travel Agencies (ASITA).

With a history spanning over four decades and a dedicated focus on Papua, we are the oldest and most trusted tour operator for this part of the world. From our home in the Baliem Valley to the islands of Raja Ampat, from the summit of Carstensz Pyramid to the lowland jungles and mangrove forests of Korowai and Asmat, we are passionate about our work, offer only what we have experienced, and work closely with our local partners.

Marc has been deeply connected to Indonesia and Papua from an early age. Beginning as a young student, he assisted with tours and in 2012, he transitioned to becoming a tour guide. Now, as the managing director of Papua Explorer, Marc is the primary contact for tours to the Baliem Valley and various other destinations in Papua. He also continues to lead expeditions to some of the more exotic destinations. Marc, a co-author of travel guides about Papua, is also an avid photographer, with many of his photos featured on this website. He advocates for sustainable, respectful tourism and its positive impact. For more of his photography, check out his Instagram, what else..

Since 1979, his main interest is in the cultures of Oceania, especially in Papua, the Indonesian part of the New Guinea island. Until today, he successfully organised and guided more than 250 expeditions in New Guinea and the Salomon Islands. Werner is co-author of publications by world-famous explorers Heinrich Harrer and Dieter Kronzucker. Furthermore, the physician organised and guided more than 20 TV productions to China, Mongolia, Namibia and especially Papua/Indonesia. With more than 30 tours to the Carstensz Pyramid one can safely assume that he is the current world record holder for tours to this mountain. Werner has received two certificates of honor from the Indonesian government and owns his own museum.

Laura Sakalian

Raja Ampat Expert

With years of experience in Raja Ampat, Laura’s in-depth knowledge is the foundation of our operations in the area. She has also traveled to almost every other corner of Papua and is a regular visitor to the Baliem Valley. This vast experience allows her to create truly unique and personalized itineraries that you will not find anywhere else.

Madi Jumading

The Baliem Valley Resort

Since joining The Baliem Valley Resort in 2014 as On-Site Manager, Madi has been instrumental in ensuring that guests enjoy a delightful stay. He oversees your stay from start to finish, ensuring that your tours run as smoothly as possible, and serves as your primary on-site contact. Madi’s dedication is central to the Resort’s unique guest experience.

Siprianus Osan

Jayapura Office

Siprianus is responsible for handling all guests in Jayapura/Sentani. He takes care of the tickets, welcomes you at the airport, assists with check-in, and guides most of the excursions in the surrounding area.

Iwan Darsono

Sorong Handling

Iwan is our local representative in Sorong, the gateway to Raja Ampat. With him by your side, you can count on a seamless start and finish to your trip, ensuring you never get lost.

Ketut Medal

Office Support

With many years of experience in the tourism industry, Ketut is a seasoned professional. He works diligently behind the scenes, ensuring smooth operations with attention to detail.

Rest of Team

In alphabetical order: Amos, Anton, Bernard, Derrangen, Frans, Fransiskus, Herman, Jimmy, Joni, Jupiter, Lanigeo, Layus, Les, Markus, Maspur, Melius, Nabin, Paulus, Paulus M. and family, Penius, Sakarias, Tanapius, Tapania, Terong, Thomas, Wanamuke, Weakuli, Willem, Yesaya, Yoni, Yosef.

Papua Explorer is a member of ASITA

Our Projects

Papua Museum

The Papua Museum in Gelnhausen, Germany opened in 2015, and exhibits the private collection of Dr Werner Weiglein. More than 800 objects, collected over the last 40 years, are part of the exhibition. The exhibition covers the whole of New Guinea, but the main focus of the exhibition is the Asmat area. Through reports in newspapers and television, the museum has gained a certain publicity, also and especially in Indonesia. The museum was officially inaugurated by Mr. Anies Baswedan (then in the position of Indonesian Minister of Culture), and is open to the public. Especially participants of our tours are welcome to reflect on their impressions in a suitable atmosphere!

Hotel am Palais & Indonesian Culture Centre

The Hotel am Palais is a boutique hotel in Gelnhausen, Germany and is managed by Claudia Weiglein, wife of Werner Weiglein. The hotel, with its “Kaffeehaus Indonesia”, showcases Indonesian building and architectural elements and is the official cultural centre of the Republic of Indonesia in the federal state of Hesse.

Papua Student House

The Papua Student House in Gelnhausen was opened in 2012 and is part of the educational programs of the government of Jayapura regency. Since then, the student house has accommodated between four and eight students every year. The main focus is on learning foreign languages (mainly German and English). The student house is a starting point for further studies at a European university.

Papua Promotion House Europe

Inaugurated in March 2009 by then Papua Governor Barnabas Suebu and German State Minister Boddenberg, the Papua Promotion House Europe is the official office for the promotion and marketing of Papua, Indonesian in Europe. Not only in the field of tourism, although this is our main strength, but also in economic and other cultural areas. 

ITB Berlin & ITB Asia Singapore & Others

Since 2007 we are an annual exhibitor at the ITB Berlin. Since 2017 we are co-exhibitor together with the Indonesian Pavilion. ITB Berlin takes place every year in March. 
We have also been co-exhibiting with the Indonesian Pavilion at ITB Asia in Singapore since 2016. The ITB Asia takes place every year in October.

Since 2020, we have participated in virtual travel fairs, including WTML and ITB. Look out for PT. Papua Explorer and make a virtual appointment with us.
We look forward to meeting you at one of these events.

Thank you for your interest!

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