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Since 1979, we lead group tours to selected destinations in Papua: Climb the Carstensz Pyramid, meet the former headhunters of Asmat, or cross the Korowai sector on foot. Our group tours are guided by real experts. Group tours often go further and are more intense than private tours.

Published tours 2023

Experience the home of the Dani and Lani

This is the open group tour for our classic 6 days/ 5 nights private cultural tour. Itinerary and included services are unchangend. You go on several excursions to meet the Danis. Surrounded by beautiful vegetation you pass through Dani hamlets, villages and fields. You discover Lake Habbema, the highest lake in all of Indonesia. You attend a traditional pig festival, which is by far the most amazing experience of a trip to Papua. And you have this unforgettable experience while staying in the most unique accommodation in the area: The Baliem Valley Resort. No fitness level needed, this cultural trip in the Baliem Valley is for everyone!

6 days/5 nights. Next dates:
Price per person from/to Wamena, Papua

USD 1.390

Price in EUR / IDR on request

Crossing the Korowai sector and visiting the Baliem Valley

The Korowai still live far away from civilization, deep in the forest of Papua. During this tour we cross the Korowai sector on foot. We visit several Korowai settlements, and we spend more time with the tribes than most visitors typically do. After the trek, we take a charter flight to Wamena in the Baliem Valley. Here we meet the Dani tribe and experience a traditional pig feast.

15 days/14 nights. Next dates:
Price per person from/to Jayapura, Papua

USD 4.290

Price in EUR / IDR on request

Climb one of the Seven summits

The Carstensz Pyramid, also called Puncak Jaya, is the highest peak in Oceania with 4,884 meters and thus one of the famous Seven Summits, the highest peaks of the seven continents. Dr. Weiglein is one of the few experts who has successfully guided many expeditions to this area. From the wet and muddy jungle to the glaciers of Carstensz Mountain, this trekking expedition in Papua is a real challenge for the truly adventurous.

20 days/19 nights. Next dates:
Price per person from/to Bali

On request

Three highlights in one tour

This intensive trip starts with a jungle trekking to the Korowai tribe, who still live very traditionally in tree houses up to 40 meters high. Afterwards we go by boat to meet the former headhunters of Asmat. Here we experience a breathtaking, ancient ceremony. Finally, we take a charter flight to Wamena in the Baliem Valley and here we attend the yearly highland festival. Numerous Dani tribes from all over the valley participate in this spectacle.

17 days/16 nights. Next dates:
Price per person from/to Jayapura, Papua

USD 5.390

Price in EUR / IDR on request

Expedition to a rarely visited area

The former headhunters of Asmat were once very feared and have only been safe to visit for a few decades. Until today, many Asmat villages are wild and culturally intact. We leave the usual travel routes and experience the raw and difficult to access Asmat. We witness several big events involving hundreds of people. A gigantic boat ceremony, drum festivals, mask dances and the ceremonial carving of an ancestor pole are all part of the massive experience!

12 days/11 nights. Next dates:
Price per person from/to Timika, Papua

USD 4.590

Price in EUR / IDR on request


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