Raja Ampat Sailing Cruise

Discover the Paradise of Raja Ampat by Sailboat

12 days/11 nights ● from/to Sorong, West Papua ● Private Tour ● 11 nights onboard ● Level of difficulty: 1*

This discovery cruise on a sailboat will take you to the heart of the Raja Ampat archipelago. This cruise initially follows the same route, from the center to the north, as the short version, except that you will then sail on to Wayag, in the far north of the archipelago. You will cross the equator and reach the karst islands of Wayag, so isolated and wild. You will alternate snorkeling and shore excursions to discover the hidden treasures of Raja Ampat.

This cruise can be adapted for divers, with a route to the south of the archipelago to Misool. The south of Raja Ampat is a rather patchy area with longer cruising times and spots that are only accessible to divers. Therefore, we focus on the northern and central regions of the archipelago, which have more to offer on an exploration tour for non-divers.

Price per person
from/to Sorong, West Papua

for 4 guests
USD 5.600 Approx. EUR 5.200

Day 1: Sorong Airport – Raja Ampat
Arrival in West Papua, first day of the cruise in Raja Ampat

You arrive at the airport in Sorong, West Papua. Your driver will take you to the Sorong harbor where you will board your beautiful sailing boat Phinisi. Your Raja Ampat cruise begins! You set sail for the central and northern parts of the archipelago. Your yacht offers all the necessary comfort with its air-conditioned cabins with ensuite bathrooms. It has a deck, ideal for relaxing between excursions and watching the sunset each evening.
Your first snorkeling trip around Friwen Island gives you a great taste of the adventure you are about to embark on for the rest of the week. You swim through a colorful soft coral plateau and thousands of fish! Anchor for the night in Dampier Strait. Possibility of a night snorkeling trip after dinner.

Transport: 15 minutes by car. Crew service on board. Accommodation: Double cabin on board. Meals: Full board.

Day 2: Raja Ampat
The passage

You head for the “passage”. This narrow strait with high limestone cliffs is located between the Gam and Waigeo islands. The scenery on land but also underwater is incredible. You swim among multicolored corals, giant trevally and humpback parrot fish, turtles and small harmless sharks, manta rays and even eagle rays!
In the evening, you moor in a small secret bay.

Crew service on board. Accommodation: Double cabin on board. Meals: Full board.

Sail through the Raja Ampat paradise on this nice sailboat
sailboats islands blue water
Just imagine..

Day 3: Raja Ampat
Snorkelling in the Secret Bay and Tanjung Putus

This morning you start with a snorkelling trip in the secret bay where you spent the night. Its shallow waters are home to many corals and fish! Then sail to Tanjung Putus, also known as Broken Cape. You dive with schools of barracuda, giant trevally, white tip and black tip sharks.

Crew service on board. Accommodation: Double cabin on board. Meals: Full board.

Day 4: Raja Ampat
The beautiful Piaynemo and the mysterious island of Rufus

Early in the morning you climb the few steps that lead you to the beautiful panorama of Piaynemo. The view is breathtaking. Similar to Wayag, the landscape is a patchwork of karst and lush islands against a backdrop of turquoise blue water. Then you visit the mysterious island of Rufus. It encircles a salt lake which communicates with the sea through underground channels which you explore.

Crew service on board. Accommodation: Double cabin on board. Meals: Full board.

A secret bay in Raja Ampat
piaynemo green islands in blue water with sunshine
The beautiful Piaynemo in Raja Ampat

Day 5: Raja Ampat
The sea crocodiles of Aljui Bay

This morning you will discover Aljui Bay, north of Waigeo. The bay is very wild and hosts very lush vegetation. You will swim in the shallow water at one of our secret spots at the entrance of the bay. In this ecosystem with its colorful hard corals, you can observe many small fish and tiny creatures. In the afternoon, dive deeper into the Jurassic Park environment of Aljui Bay. Swimming is not allowed here, because the sea crocodile lives here!

Crew service on board. Accommodation: Double cabin on board. Meals: full board.

Day 6 and day 7: Raja Ampat
Exploring beautiful Wayag

You will cross the equator towards Wayag, where you will spend the next 2 days. Wayag is a very remote wilderness paradise rarely reached by visitors, as a long crossing over the sea is required to reach it. Its karst peaks and hundreds of shades of green and blue are breathtaking. You will hike and climb some of the peaks to enjoy the show. You explore the lagoons by kayak and stand-up paddling. You are literally alone in the world. On the second evening in Wayag, you will enjoy an excellent barbecue on a secluded beach organized by the crew. Expect some grilled fresh fish!

Crew service on board. Accommodation: Double cabin on board. Meals: full board.

Have it all for yourself - beautiful Wayag
There are many hidden beaches around Wayag

Day 8: Raja Ampat 
Wofoh island

You sail towards the island of Wofoh, another small snorkelling paradise. The island offers a wonderful drop off with soft corals, but also with many sharks, tunas and mackerels. In the southern part of the island a nice white sandy beach leads to a very nice shallow reef, also a good place for snorkelling.

Crew service on board. Accommodation: Double cabin on board. Meals: full board.

Day 9: Raja Ampat
Swim with Mantas & visit Arborek village

This morning, you raise the anchor very early to swim with the majestic manta rays of the Manta Sandy site. Surrounded by dozens of them, this is a very impressive experience. Then you visit the charming village of Arborek and get the chance to meet its inhabitants.

Crew service on board. Accommodation: Double cabin on board. Meals: full board.

Grill a fish and relax
One of the private double cabins on board

Day 10: Raja Ampat
Birds of Paradise Tour in the Jungle

Early birds get up at 4:30 this morning for a trip into the jungle to see the birds of paradise. There are over 30 different species of birds of paradise in New Guinea and Raja Ampat is home to some of these great beings. Famous for their mating parade, sunrise is the best time to see them singing and dancing.
In the afternoon, dive at Cape Kri, known for its high density of underwater species. Last evening on board.

Crew service on board. Accommodation: Double cabin on board. Meals: full board.

Day 11: Raja Ampat
Visit of Sawandarek village

Today, you visit the charming village of Sawandarek. For years, its inhabitants have decided to stop fishing to protect the underwater wealth of their village. The result is remarkable, making Sawandarek one of the best snorkeling sites in Raja Ampat. You snorkel with barracudas, giant groupers, emperors, turtles, sharks, batfish, and more. Last evening aboard.

Crew service on board. Accommodation: Double cabin on board. Meals: full board.

Day 12: Raja Ampat – Sorong airport
Last day of cruise and transfer to airport

After a last breakfast on board, you sail towards Sorong. Your Raja Ampat cruise is ending. At the port of Sorong, your driver is here to take you to the Sorong airport for your return flight. End of the trip in Raja Ampat.

15 min drive. Meals: breakfast only.


Raja Ampat Sailing Cruise ● 12 days/11 nights ● Private Tour
Chartering the boat costs a total of USD 22.400 for the whole trip. The boat can welcome up to 8 people.
Price per person from/to Sorong, West Papua
for 2 guests
USD 11.200 Approx. EUR 10.400
for 4 guests
USD 5.600 Approx. EUR 5.200
for 6 guests
USD 3.730 Approx. EUR 3.460
There are group departures. Write us to know the exact dates, availability, and join a group.
Join a group
USD 3.200 Approx. EUR 2.970
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For payment we accept USD, EUR, and IDR. Please let us know your preferred currency. We ask for a deposit of 15% of the tour price at the time of booking. The balance is due no later than 4 weeks before the start of the tour. Prices are subject to change. The final price will be quoted upon confirmation of the tour.


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