12-Day High-End Cruise from Maluku to Raja Ampat

Twice a year.

12 days/11 nights ● from Ambon, Maluku/to Sorong, Papua ● Private Cruise or Join a Cruise ● Different Cabin Categories

This 12-day cruise takes you from Maluku to Raja Ampat, starting with the Banda Islands, famous for their dive sites and historical significance. You’ll then explore Koon Island, southeast of Seram, known for its vibrant marine life. The journey culminates at the Misool Islands in Raja Ampat, a hotspot for biodiversity. As well as spectacular underwater ecosystems, Misool’s tranquil lagoons, lush mangroves and secluded beaches make it a truly dream destination. These cruises are only offered once or twice a year and are a very special experience.

What we particularly like about this cruise:

Price per person
from Ambon, Maluku /
to Sorong, Papua

for minimum 2 guests
USD 5.280 Price in EUR / IDR on request

Day 1: Ambon Airport – Nusa Laut
First day of the cruise

Upon arrival at Ambon Airport, you meet your driver who takes you to Teluhu Harbor. Here, you board your Phinisi yacht and, after a brief introduction to the boat, crew, and safety procedures, set sail for Nusa Laut. Along the way, you make a stop at Mamala Island for a check dive or snorkeling. Then, the yacht heads east to Nusa Laut, where you anchor for the night.

30 minutes by car. Scuba diving and/or snorkeling included. Accommodation: On board the yacht (various cabin categories). Meals: Full board.

See exceptional underwater worlds
Dive with hammerheads

Day 2: Nusa Laut
Amazing diving/ snorkeling in Nusa Laut

Today you have the opportunity to experience three exciting dives, either along reef slopes or walls. Snorkeling is also fantastic in these vibrant and thriving reef environments. After your underwater explorations, the yacht sets sail overnight in a southern direction towards Suanggi Island.

Scuba diving and/or snorkeling included. Accommodation: On board the yacht (various cabin categories). Meals: Full board.

Day 3: Suanggi Island – Banda Neira
Diving with Hammerheads and reaching the Banda Islands

You arrive early morning at Suanggi Island, with the possibility of seeing hammerhead sharks. The day’s plan includes three dives along walls and pinnacles. Afterwards, you head to Banda Neira, aiming to reach this beautiful island by sunset. The night is spent in the calm bay of Banda Neira.

Scuba diving and/or snorkeling included. Accommodation: On board the yacht (various cabin categories). Meals: Full board.

Fort Belgica is a 17th-century fort in Banda Neira
Once more precious than gold: nutmeg

Day 4 & Day 5: The Banda Islands
Dive into the history and rich waters of the Banda Islands

Over two days, you delve into the rich history and spectacular marine life around the Banda Islands. You’ll explore historical sites, including museums and forts, and dive into diverse underwater landscapes like Banda Neira’s lava flow and Batu Kapal. The waters around Hatta Island and Rhun Island promise encounters with marine life such as hammerhead sharks, mobula rays, and the vibrant mandarin fish. You spend the nights aboard your beautiful yacht in the bay of Banda Neira, where sailors from all over the world anchored hundreds of years ago.

Scuba diving and/or snorkeling included. Accommodation: On board the yacht (various cabin categories). Meals: Full board.

Day 6: Koon Island
Cruising from Maluku to Raja Ampat

Arriving at Koon Island early in the morning, your diving and snorkeling experiences are carefully planned, taking into account the day’s tides and currents. Here you encounter a wide variety of marine life, from the largest creatures to the smallest. You can see a vibrant underwater community with a variety of reef fish, formidable species such as trevallies and groupers, and the occasional shark, manta or mobula ray. After three dives at Koon Island, an overnight cruise to the Misool Islands in the Raja Ampat archipelago.

Scuba diving and/or snorkeling included. Accommodation: On board the yacht (various cabin categories). Meals: Full board.

Stingless jellyfish in Misool
Balbulol in Misool

Day 7 to Day 11: Misool Islands
Exploring the underwater treasures of the Misool Islands

You arrive at Misool around midday. To ensure the best possible experience, the diving schedule for the next 5 days will be decided at the last minute according to weather and sea conditions. You sail around the Misool area and enjoy great diving at some of its sites, including:

Boo Window and Magic Mountain
These dive sites have the highest concentration of biodiversity in the world due to a strict conservation policy. At a depth of only 6 meters, you discover an impressive coral garden formed on an underwater mountain plateau. Descend along the ridge and cross paths with giant black manta rays, napoleons, and hundreds of other fish. The scenery is as lush above as it is underwater.

Fiabecet area
You dive the famous Fiabacet Ridge, a hotspot for pelagic fish and turtles. This site features underwater ridges connecting Tank Rock and Nudi Rock, while the Fiabacet Pinnacle and Whale Rock sites feature stunning soft corals and abound with marine life including seahorses and pygmy seahorses.

Wayil area
Explore the Wayil Islands with their stunning turquoise lagoons and karst islands. Climb to the top of an islet for breathtaking view of the heart-shaped “Lake of Love” protected by a coral reef. Divers can explore iconic sites such as Wedding Cake with wave-carved rocks, coral, turtles and carpet sharks; the vibrant 4 Kings with colorful reefs; and Neptune’s Fan Channel with giant sea fans. Non-divers can kayak and relax on deserted beaches.

Pele area
Dive at Pele’s Playground, known for its schools of anchovies and pelagic predators. The Kaleidoscope site features black and colorful soft corals and gorgonian fans. Manta rays are also spotted here and the marine life is vibrant in both shallow and deeper waters.

Balbulol and Farondi
Discover the enchanting islands of Balbulol and Farondi. These islands are like a puzzle of lagoons surrounded by pyramid shaped rocks. The lagoons are full of colorful fish and glowing coral in clear, shallow waters. Some lagoons even offer the thrill of diving among countless stingless jellyfish. When it comes to diving, there are fantastic spots like Baby Rock, Balbulol Corner and Balbulol Plateau. They offer spectacular drop-offs, canyons and pinnacles, with vibrant marine life in the shallower areas. You can also explore the area by kayak and stand-up paddleboard, or simply enjoy some excellent snorkeling adventures.

Scuba diving and/or snorkeling included. Accommodation: On board the yacht (various cabin categories). Meals: Full board.

Iconic Love Lake in Misool
The blue waters and little islands of Misool

Day 12: Sorong – Sorong Airport
Last day of the cruise

After an overnight sail towards Sorong, you arrive at the harbor around noon. After the farewell your driver takes you to the Sorong Airport for your onward flight or to your hotel in town.

30 minutes by car. Meals: breakfast.

The Yacht: 12-Day High-End Cruise


12-Day High-End Cruise from Maluku to Raja Ampat ● 12 days/11 nights
Price per person from Ambon, Maluku / to Sorong, Papua

Join a Cruise

Price per person in shared cabin
USD 5.280 Price in EUR / IDR on request
  • Surcharge for single cabin +30%

Charter the full yacht

Price per night
USD 4.700 Price in EUR / IDR on request
  • Maximum 10 Adults
Please send us an enquiry for available travel dates, cabin layout, additional photos, and information.

For payment we accept USD, EUR, and IDR. Please let us know your preferred currency. For cruises, we require a deposit of approximately 30% of the tour price at the time of booking. The balance is due 30 to 90 days before the tour starts, depending on the rules of our partners. Prices are subject to change. The final price will be quoted upon confirmation of the tour. Foreigners need a travel permit for Papua (“surat jalan”). We will take care of this permit before your arrival. For the permit we need a copy of your passports and passport photos. A list of equipment will be sent with the booking confirmation.

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