Baliem Valley Culture Tour

Experience the home of the Dani and Lani

8 days/7 nights ● from/to Wamena, Papua ● Private Tour ● 7 nights in The Baliem Valley Resort ● 6 full-day tours ● Level of difficulty: None

This 8 days/ 7 nights cultural tour to Papua brings you to the Baliem Valley, home of the Dani and Lani tribes. You meet the Danis during private excursions. Surrounded by beautiful vegetation you pass through Dani hamlets, villages and fields. You discover Lake Habbema, the highest lake in all of Indonesia. You attend a traditional pig festival, which is by far the most amazing experience of a trip to Papua. And you have this unforgettable experience while staying in the most unique accommodation in the area: The Baliem Valley Resort. No fitness level needed, this cultural trip in the Baliem Valley is for everyone!

Price per person
from/to Wamena, Papua

for minimum 2 guests
USD 2.280 Price in EUR / IDR on request

Day 1: Baliem Valley
Arrival in Wamena and transfer to The Baliem Valley Resort

When arriving at Wamena airport, you meet your local guide and your driver. On the way to The Baliem Valley Resort, we visit the market of Wamena. Here local Danis offer their agricultural products. Besides the very popular sweet potato, many other vegetables and fruits are offered. The market of Wamena is also the biggest trading place for the very sought-after wild boars. Once at The Baliem Valley Resort, you settle in your bungalow and, depending on the time of day, you can enjoy lunch or an afternoon coffee. Later, dinner is served in the restaurant.

Transportation: 45 minutes of drive. Local guide included. Accommodation: The Baliem Valley Resort. Meals: full board.

Day 2: Baliem Valley
The impressive Kotilola cave and the Meagaima mummy

After breakfast we drive to the famous Kotilola Cave with its gigantic stalactites and stalagmites. The cave has collapsed in some places, which favours lush vegetation. With the torch you can go a little deeper into the cave until you reach an underground river. There are also a lot of bats living here. After visiting the cave, we drive along the Baliem River until we get off at a small village.  Here we are taken one by one across the river in a canoe. Once on the other side, we visit the village of Meagaima, where there is also one of the very rare chief’s mummies to see. The mummy here is rarely visited due to its remoteness. Of course there is also time for a short rest in one of the local huts. From the village we take a beautiful walk through the Dani gardens until, after about two hours, we reach a suspension bridge that takes us back to the other side of the river where our vehicle is waiting for us.

Transportation: 2 hours of drive. 3-4 hours walking. Local guide included. Accommodation: The Baliem Valley Resort. Meals: full board.

The Baliem Valley Resort
Kotilola Cave

Day 3: Baliem Valley
Easy hiking in the southern Baliem Valley and encounter with the Dani people

Today we visit the southern Baliem Valley. We start our easy hike in the village of Sogogmo and we follow the mighty Baliem River. We cross suspension bridges, walk through Dani settlements, meet the locals and see them working in their terraced fields and wild sugar cane groves. For lunch, we enjoy a picnic with a magnificent view over the river and the narrow valley. We walk back on the other side of the river, passing more Dani fields and settlements, before we meet our driver again. In the late afternoon we are back at the Resort.

Transportation: 2 hours of drive. 4 hours hiking. Local guide included. Accommodation: The Baliem Valley Resort. Meals: full board.

Hiking along the Baliem River
Hiking up to the salt spring

Day 4: Baliem Valley
Hike to a Dani salt water spring and visit of the famous Jiwika Mummy

Today we drive to the village of Jiwika where we meet local Dani women of the Dugum clan who escort us to their salt water spring. Together, we hike through a fairy-tale mountain rainforest to reach the hidden spring. Up there, they show us the old techniques of salt gathering. Then we all enjoy a picnic before hiking down to the village and admire the 300 years old mummyof the clan. Seated in the men’s house, it is still decorated with its godeka and hair ornaments. It is a popular place because such mummies are very rare and usually difficult to see. Return to the Resort in the afternoon.

Transportation: 2 hours of drive.  2 to 3 hours mountain hiking (+1000m). Local guide included. Accommodation: The Baliem Valley Resort. Meals: full board.

Surrounded by the beautiful nature of Lake Habbema

Day 5: Baliem Valley
Excursion to Lake Habbema, the highest lake in all of Indonesia

After an early breakfast, we drive to Lake Habbema. The savannah-like landscape of the Baliem Valley gives way to fantastic mountain rainforests with monstrous tree ferns and screw pines, covered with moss, lichens and climbing plants. At 3.200 metres, Lake Habbema is located on a large high moor, surrounded by enchanting meadows full of dwarf cypresses, rhododendrons and many species of orchids. A very unique flora! The lake is historically of certain importance, as the first explorers used it to land with seaplanes and then trek towards the Baliem Valley. We enjoy a picnic by the lake and if the sun is shining, we have a spectacular view over the Trikora mountain summit. Then, we go for a walk along the lake and you can even go for a cold swim! We are back to the Resort in the afternoon.

Transportation: 5 hours of drive. 1-2 hours  walking. Local guide included. Accommodation: The Baliem Valley Resort. Meals: full board.

Day 6: Baliem Valley
Hike to the Sekan mountain and through remote Dani villages

In the morning we set out on a hike to the summit of the nearby Sekan mountain range (about 2,400 metres). The summit area is characterized by huge rock slabs. From here we follow the ridge down to the Baliem Valley. From both sides of the mountain range we have spectacular views of the southern Baliem Valley and the Siepkosi Valley. Once we reach the base of the mountain, we hike through a side valley back to the Resort. On the way we pass some traditional villages and fields. Here we join the traditional Dani people to harvest a local delicacy, the Buah Merah from the pandanus tree. For lunch we stay in the village and enjoy the freshly cooked Buah Merah. We continue our hike and pass through beautiful vegetation with many different flowers, orchids, carnivorous plants, mosses, lichens, tree ferns and pine trees. We return to the Resort in the late afternoon.

3- 4 hours hiking (+400m). A day without car. Local guide included. Accommodation: The Baliem Valley Resort. Meals: full board.

During a pig festival
decorated dani man starting a fire
A Dani from the Baliem Valley starting a fire

Day 7: Baliem Valley
Traditional pig festival, an unforgettable experience

Today is a very special day! After breakfast, we get ready to participate in a pig feast which takes place in a traditional Dani village. Many decorated people from the Dani tribe take part in the festival. Such pig feasts with hot stones and earth pits are probably the most interesting part of a trip to New Guinea. It is difficult to describe what exactly is so unique about these festivals because there is just too much happening at once. You have to see and experience it yourself.  For lunch, there is a picnic but you can also eat the food from the traditional earth pit if you like. The freshly cooked pork and sweet potatoes are delicious! In the late afternoon, we return to the Resort.

The pig festival takes place in changing villages. Precise information on travel times cannot be provided. 1 hour walking. Local guide included. Accommodation: The Baliem Valley Resort. Meals: full board.

Day 8: Baliem Valley
Last day in the Baliem Valley and transfer to Wamena airport

After breakfast, you are transferred to Wamena Airport in accordance with the departure time of your onward flight.

Transportation: 45 minutes of drive. Meals: breakfast.


Baliem Valley Culture Tour ● 8 days/7 nights ● Private Tour
Price per person from/to Wamena, Papua
for minimum 2 guests
USD 2.280 Price in EUR / IDR on request
  • +USD 280 for single room
for 3-6 guests
USD 1.920 Price in EUR / IDR on request
  • +USD 280 for single room
for 1 single guest
USD 3.880 Price in EUR / IDR on request
  • in single room

For payment we accept USD, EUR, and IDR. Please let us know your preferred currency. We ask for a deposit of 15% of the tour price at the time of booking. The balance is due no later than 4 weeks before the start of the tour. Prices are subject to change. The final price will be quoted upon confirmation of the tour. Foreigners need a travel permit for Papua (“surat jalan”). We will take care of this permit before your arrival. For the permit we need a copy of your passports and passport photos. A list of equipment will be sent with the booking confirmation.

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