The Baliem Valley Resort

Trekking Habema

4 days/ 4 nights   in combination with a package   


This program includes nights in a tent. Tents are provided by us, but each participant must bring their own sleeping bag and sleeping mat. This add-on should be booked in combination with one of our special packages. 


During this spectacular 4 day trekking tour we first drive up to Lake Habema, Indonesias highest lake at about 3,200 meters altitude (10,500 feet). The next day our trekking back to the Baliem Valley will start from here. The first 1,5 days we will walk through uninhabited, beautiful mountain forest, following Ibele River on its way down to the valley. After the forest, we will again enter the inhabited Baliem Valley and first settlement of the Lani tribe will appear. Daily walking time is about 4-5 hours and you are accompanied by a guide, cook, and additional porters.

Day 1

Journey to the Habema Lake, start of trekking program (day tour 4)
This tour should start early in the morning. Depending on the weather (rain!) the drive through the tall rainforests can be problematic! A 3-hour drive (about 55 miles) from the resort to the lake at about 10,500 feet altitude. We will pass all the vegetation zones of Equatorial New Guinea. The often savannah-like landscape of the wide bottom of the Baliem Valley gives way to gigantic mountain cloud forests and rainforests with truly monstrous tree ferns and screw pines. The giant trees are overgrown with moss, lichen and climbing plants – a wonderfully unique flora. Lake Habbema is located in the middle of a large upland moor, surrounded by magical meadows full of dwarf cypresses, little tree ferns, rhododendron and many different types of orchid. If the weather is nice you will have spectacular views of the peak of nearby Mount Trikora (15,000 feet). Picnic lunch by the lake surrounded by the magnificent upland moor landscape. Excursions to the surrounding area are possible depending on the weather. If the sun does shine you can even bathe in the lake (sandy beach). You are accompanied by a guide and cook and porters. Overnight in tent.

Day 2

Trekking Habema – Wamena
In the morning we still have some time to enjoy the unique landscape of lake Habema. From here starts our trek back to Wamena. The first part of the trek follows Ibele River on its way down to the valley. The mountain forest up here is untouched, and we have it all for ourselves most of the time as this path is only rarely used by a few locals. In the afternoon, we reach a clearing in the forest, which is a perfect place for our tent camp. Overnight in tent.

Day 3

Trekking Habema – Wamena
We continue our trekking to Wamena. Around noon we will leave the forest and are now back to the populated Baliem Valley. We walk through first small settlements of the Lani tribe. Lunch break next to Ibele River which now already carries a lot of water and is very nice for a quick swim, too. Later tentcamp in a small settlement on the way.

Day 4

Trekking Habema – Wamena – Resort
Half day trekking until we reach a small missionary station with airfield. This outpost served as the basecamp for the first explorers of the Baliem Valley. The famous Harvard expedition (which was also joint by Rockefeller) also camped here in those days. From here starts the road again and we are picked up by car for a 2 hour drive back to the Resort. Dinner in the Resort.

Prices in EUR per person sharing a double room

Price per Person

2 persons
800 Single supplement +€ 100

Price per person

3-6 persons
680 single supplement +€ 100

Price per person

Single traveller
1.250 single room included