The Baliem Valley Resort

Bird of Paradise

2 days/ 1 night (or more)   in combination with a package   


This add-on should be booked in combination with one of our special packages, and it should take place after your visit to the Baliem Valley. 

Day 1

Wamena – Jayapura – Nimbokrang
In the morning, arrival in Jayapura (from Wamena, subsequent to one of our special packages). Direct transfer to Nimbokrang (1,5 hour drive) to a small guesthouse with neighbouring bird sanctuary. The owner of the guesthouse, Mr. Alex, an ornithologist, is very well known for his guided tours to the birds of paradise. After a quick lunch, prepared by Mr. Alex’s family, we directly start with our first birding tour in the early afternoon. Walking in the forest is easy, more important is a little patience. In this forest several types of bird of paradise can be seen, among which are the Lesser Bird of Paradise, the King BoP, and the 12 Wire BoP. Almost daily, male bird of paradise come to their trees to impress and attract females with their singing and dancing. The chance to see one or more different types of bird of paradise on this guided tour is high. Only when there is rain the birds do not show up. In the evening, dinner and overnight at the guesthouse. The guesthouse has simple but clean bedrooms which are all equipped with private bathrooms, mosquito nets, and fan.


Your stay in the guesthouse can be prolonged, each additional day comes with full board and 2 birding tours (afternoon and early morning)

Day 2

Nimbokrang – Jayapura
In the very early morning, with the break of dawn, we enter the forest once more. The very early morning hours are the best time to see the birds of paradise but during our walk through the forest we will realize that many other birds are also active at this time of day. We have time and there is no need to rush. Return to guesthouse in late morning and transfer back to Sentani. (From here continues our special package program with a direct tour to Lake Sentani and overnight in Hotel Horex)

Prices in EUR per person sharing a double room

Price per Person

2 persons
250 Additional night +€ 150

Price per person

3-6 persons
220 Additional night +€ 130

Price per person

Single traveller
360 Additional night +€ 180