The Baliem Valley Resort

Pyramid Region in the north-western Baliem Valley

Day tour 9


Easy, no hiking required. This tour is already included in the following packages: D. 


In the morning, drive to the big indigenous market of Wamena and then to the well-built road along the western side of the valley. The landscape in the west of the valley significantly differs from the eastern side. The west is dominated by expansive grassland landscapes; we occasionally pass tall acacia forests near the river. During this sightseeing tour we can stop off to take photos whenever you like. We pay a short visit to the bigger market towns of Elagaima and Kimbim. Depending on the weather and the state of the road, we will take a trip to the cone-shaped Magi Mountain in the Pyramid region, where you can enjoy a stunning view of the western part of the Baliem River. We find a place to have our picnic lunch. The Pyramid settlement in the northern Baliem Valley was one of the first 1950s missions to the highlands of West Papua. We then take a leisurely drive back to the resort (in total around 110 miles).