The Baliem Valley Resort

Overview day tours

We offer various different day tours. Special requests are also possible. 


All day tours can be freely combined. On every excursion you will be accompanied by an experienced guide. Each excursion is organized personally for you. The only exceptions are pig festivals, where we put guests together if possible.
Photo from Wamena market, day tour 1, Baliem Valley Resort

Day tour 1

Wamena, Sinakma, Wesaput, and surrounding

The famous mummy of Kurulu, in the Baliem Valley, Papua, Indonesia

Day tour 2

Salt spring, Kurulu mummy, traditional Dani hamlet

Women of the Dani tribe performing a welcome dance during a pig festival in the Baliem Valley, Papua, Indonesia

Day tour 3

Traditional Pig Festival (Highlight)

Day tour 4

Journey to Lake Habema

Guests of the Baliem Valley Resort are resting at a view point during the Sekan Mountain excursion

Day tour 5

Hiking Sekan Mountain

The Baliem River in the Southern Baliem Valley, Papua, Indonesia

Day tour 6

Trekking South Baliem Gorge

Hiking Pugima Valley, nearby the main Baliem Valley, Papua, Indonesia

Day tour 7

Hiking Pugima Valley

Portrait dani warrior from the Pass Valley, Papua, Indonesia

Day tour 8

Pass Valley, Kotilola Cave, Meagaime Mummy

Landscape mountain view in the Pyramid Region, West of the Baliem Valley. Papua, Indonesia

Day tour 9

Drive to Pyramid REgion in the North-Western Baliem Valley

Logo The Baliem Valley Resort, Wamena, Papua, Indonesia